Custom Granite for Custom Interior

Custom Granite
Granite: built by nature for a unique home décor look.Granite is an igneous rock found only on Earth. It is made from the cooling of molten rock and is found in the Earth's crust. Its colour is dependent on where the granite was formed, and gets its grainy crystal appearance from the quartz contained within the rock. It's very durable in nature, the second strongest rock only to the diamond making it perfect for building structures and areas of the home that take a beating – mainly the kitchen and the bathroom. Also, it is naturally anti-bacterial which makes it another great fit for the two rooms in the house that need it the most!
Granite is a top choice for high traffic areas where wear and tear can bring other materials down. Granite is a better choice in these areas given its stain and scratch resistant nature. Cutting directly on granite is not a problem; neither is resting hot pots and pans on it… perfect for kitchen use! Simply use soap and water to keep it clean unlike ceramic or marble. Different colours of granite have different porous natures with the darker shades being less porous by nature. This is another benefit especially for counter tops where water and other spills and messes would be absorbed into the stone. Lighter colours of granite can be treated however with sealant if a lighter shade of granite should be more suitable for the home's décor.
Choosing the Best Granite for the Job
Unlike its cousin marble, granite is not as malleable, and does not require the same difficulty in cutting and fitting. The first step in choosing the best granite for the job is to assess the complexity of the room's needs. Each kitchen or bathroom has its own décor or personality, much like the granite chosen to compliment the room. As each slab is unique and different due to the quartz make up, the granite material really is a custom design, adding not only a beautifully decorated room, but also to the home's re-selling value. When selecting a colour and pattern from a stone company like Ontario's Interstone Marble and Granite, the sample granite and the final stone will not be absolutely identical given the individual and unique composition of granite. It also adds the natural element of stone into a modernly designed room creating contrast, making the granite the focal point.
Custom Made By Mother Nature
While colour is important, it's the pattern of the quartz crystals that make the granite dance in the light. The patterns are custom made by Mother Nature over millions of years. The finished product reveals a beautiful and unique pattern. Names are given to different slabs and patterns based on what area and quarry in the world they were taken. Names are also given to like colours and patterns for easy selection of your custom granite pieces in the show room. Traditional granite names include:
  • Black Galaxy – Black granite with flecks of white quartz, creating a space like look.
  • Tropical Brown – Gold and black flecks for a warm look.
  • Verde Ubatuba – Darker colour with large crystal patterns with flecks of brown throughout.
  • Café Imperial – Unique pattern with grey and brown striations throughout the granite for a very rocky look.